The fifth ingredient.
To create a beer you only need 4 fundamental ingredients, but we have our own way. In Ikariotissa we use another ingredient that make us different from the other beers. We have a secret of success, our fifth ingredient. Water, malt, hop, yeast and…love.

Our values.
Collegial duties, team spirit and onus are just some of the values that guide our philosophy. We, all have the same unchanged course of action, we support each other and give our best for the quality of our products.
Reward for staying loyal to our values is the Superior Taste Award that Ikariotissa won at the International Taste Institute in Brussels.

Ikariotissa is a beer that shines out from the other beers because of her fiery temper and its island breeze. A beer made from the water of the Ikaria’s natural springs, the island of the longevity. Ikariotissa was named after the matriarchal tradition of Ikaria. Just a sip and you can taste the magic scents of Ikaria. Ya mas! (Cheers!)